Congratulations on your engagement! I am honoured to be a part of your big day. Together we will plan an amazing ceremony!

You already have your email for Stage #1. There is additional info below. When you have completed this 1st stage, I will send an email for the next stage. Once I have all I need to create a 1st draft of your ceremony, we can have a Zoom meeting to go over everything. 

Stage #1 Planning your ceremony

A. Learn about your Ceremony

After reading through the info here,  simply click “Order of the Ceremony” to the right. This will take you to a breakdown of the various components in a wedding ceremony.
The two of you will need to make a decision about each item on this list that has a button.


B. Make your selection(s) for each part of the ceremony

Just click on each button to find different options that are available.
You do not need to say the same words to each other with regards to statement of intent, vow or ring exchange.

Everything on the list is optional except a vow.


  • Affirmation
  • Special Reading(s)- Romantic or Religious
  • Statement of Intent
  • Vow Exchange (Or you can write your own vows. )
  • Ring Exchange
  • Symbolic Element(s)

Talk it over. Write down the number of the selections you choose, and send it to me, along with any other information requested in the Stage #1 email you received from me.
When everything is complete, we will proceed through the other planning stages before we have a zoom meeting.


C. Book My Services

Secure your date on my calendar with a 50% down payment. Send your  E-transfer to

Stage #2 – Decide if you want a Motivational Moment

The motivational moment – a 3 to 4 minute talk by the Officiant, where I weave your love story into the ceremony.
It really makes the ceremony more personal.

What is needed: 3-4 points about how you met AND 3-4 points about your future dreams / goals.

Do you want to personalize the motivational moment even more?
Each needs to send 5-7 points about what you love about / why you love the other. (And send them to me separately, so this is a surprise!)

Stage #3 – Putting together some final details

A. Decide on the Processional– how we enter the ceremony. I will provide you with a traditional template – make any changes you desire.


B. Schedule our Zoom call

Time to chat and make sure everything is perfect!


 C. Final Payment is Due

E-transfer the final payment


D. Get your license

Get your license about 30 days before the ceremony. Check it for accuracy, and be sure to bring it to the ceremony. I will provide further details.

The Wedding Day:

1. Music – Often begins at least 30 minutes prior to ceremony, music may be played as guests are being seated, for the processional, special song for the bride, signing the license, and recessional (exit).

2. Bring the following – license, rings, vows (if you have a written copy), copy of Special Reading(s) to be read by anyone other than officiant,  items for Symbolic Element(s), Kleenex.

3. Make sure there is a signing table and a microphone

After the Ceremony

I will keep your signed Marriage License, and send it to the province.

You will be left with a portion of the Marriage License called the Record of Solemnization, which is your temporary proof of the marriage. It has your License number on it. Keep it safe.

You must wait 10 weeks for your license to be processed. I will send a reminder email to you at that time, with the link you need to place an online order for your Official Marriage Certificate.

You will want this official document for your records. And you must have a copy if either spouse intends to change their name. 

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Blessings to you!