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We all have moments of great transition in our lives – times when friends and loved ones come together for joyous celebration, or for loving remembrance.

Still Mind Ministries offers officiancy services for a variety of spiritual ceremonies. Located in London, Ontario, CIMM ministers, Rev. Chad and Rev. Laura are available throughout the Windsor-Toronto corridor. They perform wedding or commitment ceremonies and renewal of vows, baby dedications, naming ceremonies or celebrations of birth, house blessings, and passing-of-life ceremonies.

You can find more information below, or contact Rev. Chad or Rev. Laura. They will be happy to speak with you, and help in any way they can.

Wedding Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies and Renewal of Vows:

To couples planning to join together in a loving union, or to reaffirm their commitment to one another, we offer our congratulations!

Rev. Chad and Rev. Laura are ordained ministers from the beautiful city of London, Ontario. Conducting ceremonies both traditional and unique, we happily accommodate couples of any faith, race or gender. We are available for ceremonies throughout the Windsor-Toronto corridor.

Do you plan to write your own vows, choose the wording for various parts of your service, select special readings or songs, and add meaningful symbolic elements? If so, we welcome your participation, offering our online Ceremony Builder to make the process easy. And if you prefer simplicity, feel free to leave any, or all, of the details to us. Either way, the ceremony we perform will be personalized to perfectly reflect who you are as a couple and as individuals; a service that is beautiful, heartfelt, and memorable to you and your guests.

We serve all budgets and wedding styles, and can include additional components, such as wedding rehearsals or premarital counseling. There is no charge to meet with us. If you have questions or would like to set up an appointment, please contact us. We would love to hear from you, and learn more about your special day.

You can reach us at 519-601-2282, or by email: . 

Dedications, Baby Blessing Ceremonies or Naming Celebrations:

A child’s birth is a time of indescribable joy. Rev. Chad and Rev. Laura would be honoured to work with you in creating the perfect celebration to share this occasion with family and friends. An alternative to the traditional baptism or christening, our ceremonies are well suited to interfaith couples, those who may not have ties to a church, or any parents who prefer a more personalized gathering that includes the elements that are most meaningful to them.

The ceremony can be formal or informal, and take place in the location of your choice. It is centered on your child and the family unit, on love, gratitude, embracing new roles and responsibilities, and the benefits that can come from the acceptance and support of friends and loved ones.

You can select the readings, and decide if you’d like to include siblings, grandparents and/or godparents, (sometimes referred to as mentors or guide-parents). Add symbolic elements from our list of suggestions, or, if you have important rituals that embody your faith or heritage, we are happy to do all we can to accommodate you.

To plan the perfect celebration of birth for your child, contact Rev. Chad or Rev. Laura at 519-601-2282, or by email: 

Blessings to your family!

Funerals, Graveside Ceremonies, Celebrations of Life, Memorial Sevices, Ash Scattering Ceremonies:

If you are planning a passing of life ceremony, Rev. Chad and Rev. Laura are available to meet with you. We will listen, in order to gain a clear understanding of your needs, then together move forward to remember, honour, grieve and celebrate the life and passing of your loved one in a way that is meaningful, memorable and heartfelt.

To reach us, please call 519-601-2282, or email

House Blessings:

A house blessing can be shared with friends and loved ones, and held in conjunction with another occasion, such as a housewarming party, celebration of birth, or wedding shower. It can also be a very simple and intimate ceremony, including only the members of the immediate household.

Perhaps you have moved, made a fresh start, or your family has grown. Perhaps you have come through a time of difficulty or loss, or you are entering into a time of transition. This ceremony is a way to celebrate new beginnings, to acknowledging the present moment and indicate a determination to move forward in gratitude, and to reflect on the meaning of family and the binding love within the walls of your home.

Whether you want a quick, solemn ceremony, or a grand event filled with laughter, food, and friends, Rev. Laura is happy to discuss the planning of your house blessing. She will listen to your ideas and share suggestions to help you create a personalized gathering that is beautiful and meaningful to all in attendance.

For more information, call Rev. Laura at 519-601-2282, or email her at

STILL MIND MINISTRIES is located in the beautiful city of London, Ontario. We aim to help people achieve their Spiritual-wellness goals through a variety of individual services and community outreach.

For more information see our About page, contact us by email at or call 519-601-2282.

Blessings to you!